What if children can’t get down?

The phenomenon of getting angry is widespread, and this happens to children. There are many reasons for getting angry, such as bad eating habits, too dry weather, insufficient water intake, etc. When children get angry, they are inevitably restless, and it is difficult for the fire to go down, which makes parents worry. So, what should children do if they don’t get down?

Children can’t get out of the fire, so they need to pay attention to their daily diet. Reasonable collocation is very important. Children will eat more if they are not more nutritious. Their digestive system is weak. Eating too much nutritious food will lead to heavier burden, which is not conducive to digestion. Over time, it will cause excessive internal heat. Therefore, we should pay attention to diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less greasy food.

Water can accelerate metabolism, which is helpful for children to reduce fire. Parents should guide their children to drink plenty of water, so that the water can be converted into urine, and internal heat can be brought out. There should be plenty of water every day. If children don’t like drinking plain boiled water, freshly squeezed fruit juice is also ok.

After children get angry, they can observe their sleep quality. If children don’t have a good rest and don’t have enough sleep time, they will also get angry. We should create a good environment for them, sleep in a quiet environment, and usually do outdoor sports to improve their sleep quality. The problem of getting angry is very common. Only by taking active precautions can we stay away from the trouble of getting angry.

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