What if children get dust in their eyes?

Children often encounter dust blown into their eyes in various activities. Once foreign objects enter their eyes, they will cause stinging and tears in their eyes, and may also cause corneal damage and even blindness. So, what should children do if they get dust in their eyes?

In a hurry, some people rub and squeeze their eyes with their hands, trying to rub out foreign objects, which is actually not desirable. Because the foreign body may damage the fragile and sensitive cornea after squeezing in the eye, causing corneal ulcer and infection, and affecting vision. Squeezing can also cause congestion of eyes and edema of conjunctiva. At the same time, there are many bacteria on the hands, which will be brought into the eyes when rubbing the eyes, causing inflammation. If coal dust and sand enter eyes, the following measures should be taken:

1. Foreign objects accidentally enter eyes, which may cause discomfort and tears. At this time, you can pinch your eyelids with your fingers and pull them, blink your eyes a few times more, and get the foreign matter out.

2. Ask others to help hold the outer edge of eyelid with thumb and forefinger and turn outwards. After finding the foreign matter in the eyes, gently blow into the eyes with your mouth to blow out the foreign matter, or wipe it off with a clean paper towel. Wash your hands when you turn your eyelids.

3. If the foreign body has entered the cornea, or there are other abnormal conditions, do not treat it at will, but ask a doctor for treatment. Most of them will cause new infections after putting dust in their eyes. At this time, you should close your eyes and try to bring out the dust in your eyes with tears. If it still doesn’t work, wash your eyes with water in time.

I hope parents can learn more protective measures to protect their children’s eyes.

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