What if I drank a bottle of wine early in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not drink alcohol, especially during the first four months of pregnancy. Because excessive drinking can directly harm the fetus. Alcohol flows in through the placenta and then invades the fetal brain, destroying brain cells. Drinking alcohol in pregnant women may also lead to complications, such as abortion, premature birth and low birth weight. So, what should I do after drinking a bottle of wine in early pregnancy?

After drinking alcohol in early pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital for related examination, and explain your situation in detail, so that the doctor can record it and carry out targeted examination.

The study found that pregnant women had the highest risk of miscarriage after drinking at 9 weeks. In addition, 5~10 weeks of pregnancy is also the stage of decomposition and development of fetal organs, and it is also a sensitive period influenced by external environment. It is found that there is not much difference between drinking less and drinking more: drinking less (minimum exposure level: ≤1 cup/week) and drinking more will also increase the abortion rate.

At present, the study has not determined how much alcohol can cause fetal malformation, so pregnant mothers are not recommended to drink alcohol during pregnancy. If you are preparing for pregnancy, it is recommended not to drink alcohol. Although there is no definite research evidence that how much alcohol you drink during pregnancy will lead to serious consequences, the risk of miscarriage will continue to increase if you continue to drink alcohol. Because the process of fertilization is only a moment, and the time is very short, most people may not find it in time. Therefore, it is suggested that drinking should be prohibited during pregnancy.

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