What if I have a cold and a broken mouth?

Cold is one of the most susceptible diseases, and there are many factors that cause it. In addition to being infected by influenza virus, catching cold or being heated may also cause a cold, which may lead to runny nose and cough. Some people have broken skin in their mouths when they catch a cold. So, what should I do if I have a cold and my mouth is broken?

If your mouth breaks when you catch a cold, it may be related to getting angry. At this time, everyone should drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits. Many vegetables and fruits have the function of removing fire, such as Chinese cabbage, pear and grapefruit. At this time, patients should stop eating spicy and irritating food.

Cold is accompanied by the symptom of broken skin of mouth, which is probably related to low immunity and lack of vitamins. Patients need more vitamins, so they should eat more vegetables and fruits. When necessary, you can also take vitamin C, vitamin B and heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs orally, but take them under the guidance of a doctor.

A broken mouth is probably an oral ulcer, so people can use drugs to treat it. At present, there are many drugs for treating oral ulcer, and patients can choose according to their own situation. For cold diseases, if the symptoms are mild, you can not take drugs. If the symptoms of cough, runny nose and stuffy nose are serious, take cold medicine orally. If the patient has fever, he should choose the way to reduce fever according to his body temperature.

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