What if pregnant women can’t sleep with itchy belly in mid-term?

After pregnancy, some changes will take place in pregnant women’s bodies, especially in the second trimester, when their stomachs become bigger, some stretch marks may grow, and because their stomachs are propped up, skin itching may also occur. If the body of pregnant women is relatively fat, their stomachs may be relatively large when they are pregnant, so their stomachs will be particularly itchy in the second trimester. What should I do if the belly of pregnant women is too itchy to sleep in the second trimester?

First, if it is really itchy, in fact, some traditional Chinese medicine decoctions for dispelling wind and relieving itching can be used locally to help wipe it. If you are not sure what Chinese medicine you can use, you should go to a professional Chinese medicine store and ask a doctor to help you prescribe it. After prescribing the medicine, you can go home and decoct water, and then gently apply it to the itching spot, so that you can have a better antipruritic effect.

Second, try to avoid bad touch. First of all, it is necessary to prevent scratching the itching spot by hand. If the skin is scratched, it is easy to get bacterial infection. Then, in the choice of clothes and fabrics, try to choose loose and breathable ones to avoid skin friction, which may cause more itching.

Third, pay attention to skin moisturizing, because some pregnant women have itchy belly, which may be caused by being too dry, so skin moisturizing is very necessary. Just wipe some lotion that pregnant women can use properly.

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