What if seven-year-olds don’t eat vegetables?

Recently, the country has relaxed its birth policy, and many families have chosen to have one more child. The problem of raising children has been put on the table again, and many parents feel very headache in managing their children’s daily life. Among them, children’s diet is the most important. So, what if seven-year-olds don’t eat vegetables?

Children who do not eat vegetables will lead to zinc deficiency, which will cause many abnormalities in their bodies, such as loss of appetite, loss of taste, fatigue and other symptoms. Parents must strictly control their children’s diet and don’t let their children eat too many snacks. It is best to keep the interval between two meals between 3 hours and 4 hours, so that the gastrointestinal tract has a certain amount of time çİş, which is easy to cause hunger.

Children’s bad habits of picky eaters and partial eclipse will not only affect their comprehensive nutrition, but also affect their normal growth and development. Parents should help him correct, but don’t be too anxious.

Seven-year-old children who are picky about food should pay attention to adjusting their eating habits and structure, try to adjust the color, aroma and taste of food, stimulate their interest in food, and gradually increase their vegetable intake. Children’s immunity is poor, so we should also pay attention to avoid going to crowded public places at ordinary times, and exercise more as appropriate. If the immunity is still poor, we can take relevant drugs under the guidance of doctors for immunomodulation treatment.

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