What if the 33-year-old woman has high blood pressure?

Women’s work and life are under great pressure. If they often eat irrationally and their mental state is too tight, it will lead to some problems in their bodies, for example, the blood pressure will rise, which is also the signal that the body sends out vigilance, which requires women to recuperate in time. So, what about the high blood pressure of a 33-year-old woman?

The 33-year-old woman has high blood pressure, so she should pay special attention to her diet, eat regularly and quantitatively every day, avoid overeating, adhere to a low-salt diet, try to eat less foods with high salt content and eat more vegetables and fruits, which have the effect of lowering blood pressure, such as celery and mung beans, and eat less animal offal.

Moderate exercise is helpful to lower blood pressure, and exercise can not only promote blood circulation and lower cholesterol, but also strengthen muscles and promote bone development. It is also possible to insist on aerobic exercise, including jogging and swimming. Women who usually have the habit of smoking, it is best to quit in time, because cigarettes will aggravate high blood pressure.

If you can’t control your blood pressure well through diet adjustment and exercise, you should take antihypertensive drugs orally, so as to control your blood pressure reasonably. However, drugs vary from person to person, so it’s best to follow the doctor’s guidance. Women should also keep a good state of mind, avoid always being nervous, learn to relieve pressure properly, and talk to others more, which can also prevent blood pressure from rising continuously.

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