What if the child burns and has scars?

Many people will get burned due to accidents or other reasons. Especially when children are naughty, they are easily scalded, and once they are scalded, they are likely to leave scars. Many people choose to treat scars with drugs, so what should children do if they burn and have scars?

Once the scar appears, it will not disappear. At present, there is no treatment that can completely eliminate the scar, but only improve it. You can treat with aloe vera gel, vitamin C and vitamin E, and eat more fruits and vegetables. This condition can be treated with scar or laser in dermatology. After treatment, take maintenance measures, drink plenty of water, and don’t eat spicy food. Generally, it will gradually improve. Different degrees of pigmentation and scar hyperplasia will appear after wound healing. It is necessary to take corresponding nursing measures to avoid or reduce pigmentation, scar hyperplasia and the resulting contracture deformation.

If dysfunction is caused, it should be treated as early as possible, such as functional training, elastic sleeve extrusion, scar suppression drugs, laser, and even plastic surgery.

If it affects the beauty, we should consider the child’s mental health, take active treatment as early as possible, and carry out functional training, including laser and even cosmetic surgery. It can be relaxed to preschool at any time, because if a child has some scars on his face after he arrives at school, it may have a certain impact on his psychology. Therefore, we should actively deal with these problems before school age.

If the injury is not particularly serious, scar hyperplasia is not very serious, and the location is rather dark, surgery is generally not considered for the time being, and it can be observed through non-surgical treatment. Generally speaking, some scars that are not particularly serious may gradually repair themselves after one to two years, and may achieve satisfactory results.

Scars caused by burns in scars should be specially treated: immediately rinse with tap water to recover from blisters; And severe burns can be life-threatening. The severity of scald is divided into the depth and degree of injury. Shallow burns only hurt the skin surface. There is no change in skin condition, but the color is a little red. Such burns can be recovered at home. Severe scald refers to damage to dermis or true subcutaneous tissue. Blisters will appear when the dermis is injured, and the skin will turn white or black when the dermis is injured.

If it is inconvenient to wash your body with tap water, you can soak the towel in water and twist the water on your body. Do this for a few minutes to see if it is slightly burned. If so, take off your child’s clothes and continue to rinse with cold water. If it is heavy, please cut the clothes with scissors. It’s best to have sterile gauze. If not, you can put it in the burned area with a clean handkerchief, then wrap the child in sheets (when it’s cold, wrap it in blankets), and then go to the hospital. When severe burns have spread to more than half of the upper and lower limbs and more than half of the back and abdomen, you must go to the emergency room immediately.

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