What if the child burns?

Children can’t avoid injuries when they grow up. If parents don’t pay attention, their children may be burned. What should I do if my children are burned? What should parents do?

After a child is scalded, it is necessary to wash the scalded position with flowing clear water, or directly soak the scalded skin in cold water, so as to relieve the child’s pain. It takes about half an hour to rinse, so as to relieve the pain in the scalded position. After washing, wrap the scalded position with clean wet gauze to avoid blisters on the scalded position.

If the scald is serious, it is necessary to take the child to the emergency room of the hospital for treatment after cooling the child. The doctor will disinfect the child’s scalded skin, and then choose the appropriate treatment plan according to the severity of the scald, so as to help the child relieve pain and avoid leaving scalded scars.

Pay attention to the correct treatment after the child burns, and don’t believe in remedies, such as applying something to the scalded position, which may cause skin infection. The correct treatment can avoid the child’s injury after scalding, so parents should pay special attention to this aspect. Once something happens to the child, they must be actively sent to the hospital for treatment, and don’t deal with it blindly.

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