What if the child has a headache and high fever?

Children are weak in disease resistance, so they are prone to diseases, especially viruses. Fever is a common abnormal symptom, which usually occurs when there is inflammation in the body. If children have a fever, they should cool down in time. So, what should the child do if he has a headache and a high fever?

If a child has a headache and a high fever, he should seek medical examination in time to confirm the cause. If the child catches a cold and catches a cold, and has the symptoms of fever and headache, it is usually not very serious, so long as the fever is reduced in time.

When children have a high fever, they will basically have headache symptoms, so they need to take antipyretic drugs. If a child has a high fever for a long time, it may lead to febrile convulsions. Therefore, after taking antipyretics for children, we should pay attention to the observation effect. If the fever is not obvious, go to the hospital quickly.

Children with high fever and headache may also be caused by some serious diseases, such as viral meningitis. After the illness, they will have a high fever and obvious headache symptoms. Viral meningitis is a serious disease, so it must be treated immediately. If the treatment is not timely, it will cause great harm to the children, and even damage the brain tissue, thus affecting the children’s future intellectual development.

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