What if there is pink secretion in early pregnancy?

After pregnancy, women will be extra worried about their physical problems, because they will be very worried about the situation that will affect the fetus, so they will be nervous if they observe some abnormal conditions in their daily life. Therefore, after pregnancy, every move will be very careful, so what about pink secretion in early pregnancy?

If pink secretion appears on close-fitting clothing in early pregnancy, it may be threatened abortion. In this case, we should first reduce our activities, pay more attention to bed rest, observe for about three days, and see if the situation has been improved. If there will still be pink secretion, we should go to the hospital for examination in time.

May need to do a color Doppler ultrasound to see the actual situation, if ruled out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, you need to do some appropriate abortion treatment. In the process of miscarriage prevention, it is better to minimize your own activities and stay in bed more.

And one more thing to note, that is, in the early stage of pregnancy, whether there are symptoms of threatened abortion or not, we should try our best to avoid sharing a room, because the embryo itself is not particularly stable in the early stage. At this time, if the sharing room carries out some vigorous exercise, it may lead to abortion.

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