What if there is too much amniotic fluid in the third trimester?

It is very important to have a good growth environment for the growth and development of fetus, so the amount of amniotic fluid will have a great influence on fetus during pregnancy. Therefore, the condition of amniotic fluid is also an item that must be checked every time a birth check is made. If there is too much or too little amniotic fluid, it may affect the fetus, so what should I do if there is too much amniotic fluid in the third trimester?

First of all, too much amniotic fluid will easily lead to premature birth, and it is also very likely that abnormal fetal position will occur. Besides, too much amniotic fluid may also cause fetal malformation, so this situation is still quite serious, so it must be adjusted in time.

If excessive amniotic fluid is found in the third trimester, it can be adjusted from the following aspects.

First, we should pay attention to diet. We can eat some food that helps urinate, and we should appropriately reduce the amount of water we drink. Besides, we should not eat food that contains too much sugar, because if the blood sugar is higher, there may be too much amniotic fluid.

Second, although physical action is not particularly convenient in late pregnancy, we should also insist on doing proper exercise every day, so that we can breathe more fresh çİş air. For example, we can go for a walk after dinner to help promote blood circulation, which also has a good conditioning effect on excessive amniotic fluid.

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