What is a cold with always runny nose?

When people catch a cold, they basically have the symptoms of runny nose. Colds are divided into different types, so after catching a cold, everyone should find out the type of their own cold, and then carry out targeted treatment, so as to achieve the best results. So, what is a cold with a runny nose?

Generally, after catching a cold, there will be a runny nose, so we can’t judge what kind of cold we have. If you clear your nose, you usually have a cold. If the snot is yellow, it is mostly wind-heat cold, and then the patient will be accompanied by some symptoms of excessive internal heat.

If you have the symptoms of total runny nose, you may also have rhinitis, which is a very high incidence disease. Usually, after getting sick, there will be symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing. Patients with rhinitis should pay attention to keep warm at ordinary times, but also do a good job of preventing colds. Because after catching a cold, it is easy to cause rhinitis to get worse.

When allergies occur, people will always have a runny nose. There are many allergens, such as pollen, animal hair and mites, which may cause allergies. If it is allergic, you need to stay away from all kinds of allergens. In case of allergy, anti-allergy treatment should be carried out in time. And every spring, it’s best to wear masks when you go out.

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