What is anorexia in children?

What is anorexia in children? The main causes of anorexia in children are as follows:

Improper feeding: Improper feeding is the main cause of this disease. Failure to properly increase complementary food in infancy will affect the development of swallowing function and the composition of bad eating habits, and then induce diseases. Irregular diet, too many snacks, too much greasy and too sweet food will only lead to unreasonable nutrition distribution of the food, and then lead to anorexia.

Psychological factors: Psychological factors can not be ignored in children’s anorexia. Family members’ dietary concept will directly affect children’s dietary behavior. Parents’ habit of partial eclipse will make children’s food dull, which will easily lead to insufficient intake of many important nutrients, and then affect their appetite, and then cause diseases.

If the spleen is not good, spleen deficiency will occur, and the digestive function of the stomach will be affected, which will cause food accumulation, abdominal distension and indigestion. In addition, children often suffer from spleen deficiency, which will reduce the function of digestive system and lead to anorexia and other symptoms.

Lack of sleep. Children’s lack of sleep has a great influence on their digestive system and appetite.

After the occurrence of this disease, clinical treatment is generally adopted, which requires detailed drug selection and dosage, depending on specific conditions. If the disease can be treated in time, the prognosis is generally excellent, but it needs the cooperation of parents and doctors, and the children’s meals should be distributed scientifically and reasonably.

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