What is better for children’s milk powder?

Every child’s birth is precious to Bao Pa Bao Ma. How to make children grow up healthily and happily and maintain a balanced nutrition? The main source of nutrition in early childhood is milk powder. So, what is better for infant milk powder?

For those who have just become parents, choosing infant milk powder is definitely a profound knowledge to learn. Infant formula milk is developed according to the needs of infants’ physique and nutrition. Different milk powders contain different nutritional formulas, which have been scientifically studied to get the milk powder most suitable for infants’ growth and development.

Choosing milk powder suitable for your baby’s physique is the best, but not the best. The key to choosing a formula milk powder is to choose according to the suitable months or ages written in the product manual of infant formula milk powder. Because the ratio of each nutrient component is different, with the characteristics of different stages of growth and development and the digestive function of children constantly changing, it is necessary to select infant formula milk powder according to the actual age.

In fact, the brewing of milk powder is a process of changing from powder to water. If the water temperature is too high, it will easily lead to the loss of nutrients in milk powder, which is not conducive to growth and development. When Bao Pa Bao Ma is brewing milk powder, the temperature should be kept at 40-50 degrees, or according to the recommended water temperature on the specific milk powder can, water should be poured first, then milk powder should be put in, and finally, the same horizontal plane should be shaken evenly.

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