What is good for children with chronic asthma?

At present, asthma is a disease with a high incidence among children, and the mortality of children after asthma is also very high. Therefore, when treating children with asthma, parents should not only pay attention to the treatment methods of asthma, but also do a good job in nursing children with asthma. So, what should children eat for chronic asthma?

1. White radish: Originated in China, it was called radish in ancient times and cultivated in Zhou Dynasty. White radish is rich in nutrition and is known as “little ginseng”. Its nature is sweet, spicy and flat. Has the effects of promoting digestion, eliminating phlegm, and relaxing qi. White radish contains a lot of minerals such as sugar, vitamins, fat, calcium, scales and iron, which are indispensable nutrients for people. Therefore, eating more radishes is good for your health.

Take a bowl of white radish juice and 30 ml of honey and fry them together to treat allergic asthma.

2. Loofah: Sweet, mild and nontoxic. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, scales, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 C, xylose gum, plant mucus, etc. It can cool blood, detoxify, clear heat and benefit intestines. In addition, loofah is rich in vitamin C, so it can be used to treat scurvy. The vitamin B1 content in loofah is also quite high, so it is also beneficial to the brain development of children and the brain health of middle-aged and elderly people.

After cutting off some raw loofah (lotus roots), put them in a casserole and boil them. Drinking concentrated juice can treat allergic asthma.

3. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a vegetable in summer and autumn with moderate sweetness. Old pumpkins taste sweet and fragrant, and they are sweet, warm and nontoxic. It is rich in sugar and starch, and also contains minerals. Pumpkin seeds are very fragrant and can drive away tapeworms.

Take a pumpkin (about 500g), 60ml honey and 30g rock sugar. First, open the top of melon, dig out some pulp, put sugar and honey in it, cover it, put it in a small pot, steam it for one hour, and then take it out. It can be taken twice in the morning and evening for 5-7 days to cure allergic asthma.

Parents should pay attention to the fact that food is also a factor leading to asthma attack in life. Therefore, when arranging children’s diet, parents must pay attention to choosing foods that can help alleviate their illness.

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