What is good for postpartum stretch marks?

After pregnancy, mothers often change a lot. Some people will find that women’s temper becomes grumpy, or their skin gets better. However, many pregnant women are worried about stretch marks on their bodies and are afraid of affecting their image. So what is good for postpartum stretch marks?

The existence of stretch marks is quite common, which usually appears directly during pregnancy or after delivery. Most of the parts appeared in the clothing department, thighs, buttocks and other parts. It will cause great trouble to women’s own image. Families with conditions can choose medical treatment to remove stretch marks directly, or they can eliminate stretch marks through appropriate skin products and massage.

Because the skin needs to expand during pregnancy, the skin will be damaged and reddened, which is the cause of stretch marks. After giving birth to a child, it takes a long period of rest and recovery, so it is not suitable for recovery by means of exercise.

Women can start simple exercise about three months after delivery to eliminate the physical abnormality caused by pregnancy. After weaning your child, you can treat stretch marks. You can eat more collagen foods, such as high-calorie pig’s trotters and other meat products. Fruits can also help your skin recover its activity and supplement vitamin C. 。

In addition, dairy products should not be left behind. In fact, mother’s breast milk can also be used to massage herself, which has the effect of moistening skin. You can try it. In addition, regular massage at ordinary times has a remarkable effect on eliminating stretch marks and restoring skin. It is suggested to purchase corresponding desalination products in conjunction with food therapy, and massage after application.

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