What is good to eat when getting angry with a cold?

Every autumn and winter, because the climate is relatively dry, if the diet is too fat and nourishing during the period, it is easy to get angry, and many people will be accompanied by some cold symptoms after getting angry, which will easily cause physical discomfort. What should I eat if I get angry with a cold?

After the symptoms of getting angry with a cold persist, patients can eat more foods that are helpful for clearing away heat, such as mung bean soup, bitter gourd, white radish, Sydney, winter melon, etc. These foods can dissipate wind and heat, digest under fire, and help the recovery of cold symptoms. During the period, patients should pay special attention to diet, and try not to eat too fat and nourishing food, so as not to cause the body to get angry and prevent the symptoms of cold from aggravating.

In addition to eating food that helps to clear away heat and fire, you can also drink tea that has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, expelling wind and dispelling cold. Cold patients can use honeysuckle or bitter chrysanthemum to soak in water, which can also relieve the cold symptoms of the body, relieve the excessive internal heat in the body, and help to promote the cure of cold diseases, which is also beneficial to the body.

Patients with colds should also pay attention to diet, do not eat barbecue and fried foods, and try to eat some digestible liquid foods, such as vegetable soup, fruit juice, millet porridge, winter melon soup, etc., which can not only supplement vitamins for the body, but also play the role of clearing away heat and reducing fire, which can help patients to enhance their disease resistance and also contribute to the treatment of colds.

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