What is missing from getting angry frequently in the mouth?

Oral fire, this disease mainly occurs in the oral cavity. From the clinical symptoms, oral fire is usually prone to oral ulcer. This kind of oral ulcer is different from recurrent ulcer. Some people often get angry in their mouths, but they always can’t figure out the specific reasons. So, what is the lack of frequent oral fire?

There are many reasons for getting angry frequently in the oral cavity, some of which are because the diet is too fine. The reasons for getting angry frequently in the oral cavity are mainly due to the lack of trace elements zinc and vitamin b2 in the body. In daily life, we should eat more coarse grains in our diet, and eat more fruits and vegetables, and actively supplement zinc gluconate and vitamin b2.

Low immunity can also cause frequent oral fire, which belongs to recurrent oral ulcer and has a great relationship with the patient’s autoimmune disorder. From the induced reasons, the change of menstrual cycle, excessive fatigue, diarrhea, high work pressure and fever are all related, which is the manifestation of immune dysfunction.

In fact, many people don’t know that irritability is also a factor that leads to oral irritability, and once oral ulcers are found, they must be actively treated. Ulcers that cannot be cured for a long time are prone to canceration. In addition, this part of the mouth is very special and needs chewing and speaking, which will affect the healing of ulcer to a certain extent.

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