What is the cause of acne on chin?

Acne is a phenomenon that many people will have. Many people have acne on their faces, especially on their foreheads and chin. Of course, the appearance of these pimples has a great influence on the image of the face, and many people want to know the reasons for the small pimples on the chin. So, what’s the cause of acne on the chin?

First of all, the cause of acne on chin is closely related to endocrine, especially in some women, acne on chin will appear a few days before menstruation. The cause of this situation is related to the increase of lutein, which leads to the decrease of estrogen, which leads to the balance of hormone secretion in urban areas, and will naturally cause acne on chin.

Secondly, many people have pimples on their chins, which are related to toxin deposition in the body. When the toxin deposition in the body is too much, it is difficult to discharge it completely, which will affect or even damage the organs in the body. Of course, the accumulation of toxins in the body will have an impact on endocrine, and endocrine disorders are more common. If it is caused by this reason, it is necessary to detoxify properly.

In addition, acne on the chin is related to the relatively developed sebaceous glands, especially some people’s skin on the chin is oily, so sebum secretion will definitely be more vigorous, which will affect the oil drainage of the skin, so it is easy to grow acne. If it is caused by this reason, you must pay attention to skin cleaning.

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