What is the cause of acne?

I believe everyone loves beauty very much and cannot tolerate acne on their faces. If it grows frequently, it will affect the serious beauty, and even if you go out, you are embarrassed to look directly into each other’s eyes. It is also troublesome to cover up with cosmetics, so what is the reason for acne?

1. Skin is oily .

If a lot of acne always grows on the skin, it has a lot to do with the oily skin. When the skin is too greasy, it will lead to the blockage of pores, which will eventually lead to the reproduction of bacteria in the pores and the formation of acne slowly. Therefore, oil control should be done in time when the skin is greasy.

2. Cleaning is not in place .

If you don’t clean your skin properly, you will also get a lot of acne on your face. The main reason is that the skin comes into contact with the dust or waste in çİş gas every day. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause the dust to adhere to the skin, and acne will easily occur after pores are blocked.

3, like to eat irritating food .

Often like to eat too much irritating food, which will bring a serious burden to the skin. After all, these foods will make the skin secrete a lot of oil, thus causing many acne on the face. Therefore, the diet should be light, and you should not eat too much irritating food, so as not to bring a serious burden to your skin.

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