What is the cause of eczema?

Eczema is a very high incidence skin disease, which will show obvious itching symptoms after illness, but it is not contagious. After suffering from eczema, everyone should seek medical treatment in time, and take good care in life, such as keeping hygiene and avoiding the sun. So, what is the cause of eczema?

Eczema may be caused by dietary factors. Nowadays, many foods contain additives, such as flavors and synthetic dyes, which may cause eczema. Especially after eating chemically synthesized foods, it is easy to cause some adverse symptoms, such as eczema or other skin diseases. In addition, genetic factors can also lead to eczema.

Most eczema is caused by environmental factors. If exposed to some chemicals, such as brighteners, bleaching agents and preservatives, it will harm skin health and even cause some allergic reactions. This is not only easy to cause eczema, but also may cause allergies.

After suffering from eczema, you can use some topical drugs specially for eczema. Eczema usually causes itching, and the drugs for treating eczema have antipruritic function. In addition, eczema patients must pay attention to diet, usually eating light food, and not eating irritating food, such as pepper. Otherwise, it will irritate the affected part, and then make the symptoms of eczema more serious.

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