What is the cause of heartburn in pregnant women?

After pregnancy, there will be some obvious changes in women’s bodies, because hormone levels change, so emotions are easily affected. If you are in a bad mood for a long time, it may also affect your health. So sometimes I feel depressed when I am in a bad mood. So what is the cause of pregnant women’s heartburn?

If a pregnant woman’s heart is hot, it may be caused by stagnation of liver qi. This situation can be considered, and some Chinese patent medicines that help to soothe the liver and regulate qi should be taken to regulate it. After a period of persistence, it should have a certain effect. However, if you are worried that eating Chinese patent medicine will have an impact on the fetus, you can use diet to help you recuperate.

First of all, you can eat more red dates, including vegetables and fruits, which are cool foods. After eating them, you can relieve the heat in your heart to a certain extent. Moreover, there are some foods that can clear away heat. If there is a liver fire, you can choose to drink some chrysanthemum tea or gardenia tea, which is good.

In addition, bad mood has a great influence on heartburn, so you must learn to regulate your emotions after pregnancy. Try to keep yourself in a relatively calm state, and don’t have a big emotional gap, otherwise, the hot heart may become more obvious.

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