What is the cause of hydronephrosis in pregnant women?

When a woman gives birth to a baby, her every move and physical condition will affect her baby’s growth and development, and at the same time, it will also affect the heartstrings of her family. As we all know, after a woman is pregnant, due to various reasons, it is likely to cause some physical changes, and even some discomfort or diseases. So what is the cause of hydronephrosis in pregnant women?

Hydronephrosis in pregnant women may be caused by physiological reasons or pathological reasons, because after pregnancy, the fetus will gradually become larger, so it will be compressed to the ureter, resulting in strenuous urination, which will lead to hydronephrosis in pregnancy in the long run. Infection of pregnant women can easily lead to pathological hydronephrosis.

There are some mild and severe hydronephrosis in pregnant women, but the mild hydronephrosis caused by some physiological factors will disappear after delivery, while pregnant mothers with severe hydronephrosis should be treated symptomatically according to medical means to avoid affecting their own health and fetal development.

It is suggested that pregnant women with hydronephrosis during pregnancy must keep good living habits in their daily life, try not to stay up late to avoid damaging their liver cells, and at the same time keep good eating habits, do not eat stimulating food or too sour food, and also regularly go to regular hospitals for pregnancy check-ups.

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