What is the cause of ketoacidosis in pregnant women?

In the whole pregnancy process, pregnant women are especially afraid of things, that is, their own physical problems and the abnormal situation of the baby during the examination. Because the pregnancy itself is relatively long, it is very likely that all kinds of conditions will occur during the whole period, so it is necessary to have a check-up at regular intervals in time, so that problems can be found and solved in time. So what is the cause of ketoacidosis in pregnant women?

If there is ketoacidosis in pregnant women, it is very likely that gestational diabetes has occurred, because this situation is one of the more common complications of diabetes, which is mainly due to hyperglycemia, hyperglycemia and acidosis caused by severe lack of insulin in the body. Because this is an acute complication, there may be no way to detect it in time. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a checkup regularly. What are the symptoms of ketoacidosis in pregnant women?

First, it is very likely that there will be symptoms such as weakness of limbs, exhaustion and frequent urination. In addition, pregnant women may suffer from loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

Second, pregnant women in this situation can easily cause the central nervous system to be suppressed, so there will be drowsiness or general pain, and even coma in severe cases. So be sure to check and treat in time.

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