What is the cause of pain under the navel of early pregnant women?

Once the body is uncomfortable during pregnancy, I am worried that the development of the fetus will be affected. Some pregnant women find pain under the navel in early pregnancy. What is the reason for the pain under the navel in early pregnancy?

The pain below navel in early pregnancy should be considered as the possibility of threatened abortion, and it is possible to observe whether there are symptoms accompanied by vaginal bleeding. If vaginal bleeding is accompanied, most of them are caused by threatened abortion, so it is best to go to the hospital for abortion immediately. If it is only a slight pain without vaginal bleeding, it may also be caused by the enlargement of uterus involving peripheral nerves.

If the pain below the navel is accompanied by leucorrhea and increased symptoms, it may also be caused by gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease and adnexitis. It is also possible for pregnant women to suffer from gynecological diseases, so we should be vigilant at this point. Serious gynecological diseases will also affect the development of the fetus, and may even lead to fetal malformation, abortion and other adverse consequences.

In order to prevent fetal development from being affected, pregnant women had better go to the hospital to check whether it is a symptom caused by threatened abortion or pain caused by gynecological diseases. No matter what causes it, we can judge how to deal with it through the doctor’s examination, otherwise, once it affects the development of fetus, it will be a serious consequence.

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