What is the cause of red tongue?

In life, some patients will find their tongue reddened in dry autumn or after eating certain foods. So what’s the reason for the red tongue?

In fact, patients with red tongue can be divided into many types and conditions. The specific reasons are as follows:

1, get angry. If the tongue is red, accompanied by dry mouth, sore mouth, irritability or poor sleep, etc., this situation is probably caused by heart fire. If you want to improve it, it is recommended to drink more lotus plumule tea or some tea to remove fire.

2. Liver fire. If both sides of the tongue are red and the tongue is red, this situation is caused by liver fire. In addition to causing redness on both sides of my tongue, I also suffer from insomnia, dizziness, dizziness, deafness, tinnitus, dry stool, early menstrual flow and itchy nipples.

3. Lung fire. For patients with lung fire, not only will the front half of the tongue be red, but it will also show furuncle on the face, cough, chest pain, dry nose and throat, poor sleep, dry cough without sputum or yellow and sticky sputum.

4. Stomach fire. Some patients have red tongue, accompanied by thirst, bad breath, swollen gums, toothache and bleeding gums, which are probably caused by stomach fire. If you want to improve the situation of stomach fire, you can drink some Ilex kudingcha properly to reduce stomach fire.

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