What is the cause of scar constitution?

Many women are dissatisfied with their skin, either acne or greasy skin, and they start to make up from a young age, which makes many women’s skin worse. Some women still have special scar constitution, so what is the cause of scar constitution?

In fact, this constitution is mostly inherited, and most people with scar constitution have allergic symptoms, which are easy to appear in pigmented skin or acne skin. However, the probability of scar constitution is relatively low, and most symptoms only show that scars will expand to some extent after wound recovery, but there will be no pain or inflammation.

Generally, hyperplastic scars have a great relationship with the degree of wound damage. Scars with large wounds are difficult to recover. Even if they are treated with drugs, they can only be slightly relieved. Scars will not fade with time, and even pigmentation will occur. Moreover, the recovery of scar is related to age, sex, location and whether the patient is obese or not, which is more common among developing women.

Therefore, many women will worry that this physique cannot be used for cosmetic surgery. In fact, the current technology can deal with this disease, and surgery at the laser molecular level can change the skin most accurately, leaving little trauma. However, considering other conditions, the choice of surgery should be carefully considered, and there is also the possibility of scar enlargement.

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