What is the cause of throat fire?

In daily life, excessive internal heat in the throat is also a common symptom, which can easily lead to abnormal throat and throat discomfort. If the situation is more serious, it will also affect life. So what’s the cause of throat fire?

1, caused by irritation. For example, some people like to smoke and drink in their daily life, or like to eat spicy food. In this case, it is easy to get angry. If it is not relieved or controlled in time, it may cause dryness and burning sensation in the throat, or other discomfort in the throat.

2. Other life factors. For example, some patients have not had enough sleep, irregular work and rest, excessive mental stress or excessive irritability recently. These problems will not only affect the mood, but also cause some abnormalities in the body organs, which will lead to symptoms of excessive internal heat.

3. Acute and chronic inflammation. Some patients may have acute and chronic inflammation of throat, such as respiratory tract bacterial or viral infection, which may cause dry throat and congestion, and after this kind of performance, it is easy to appear symptoms that seem to get angry.

4. Virus infection. When some patients are infected with viruses, they will not only have symptoms such as runny nose, low fever, headache and envy, but also suffer from excessive internal heat in the throat.

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