What is the cause of yellow urine in the second trimester?

Many pregnant women pay more attention to the abnormal condition during pregnancy, because whether the physical condition of pregnant women is normal during pregnancy has a great influence on the growth and development of fetus. So, what is the cause of yellow urine in the second trimester? Is it worthy of pregnant women’s attention?

Under normal circumstances, urine is slightly yellowish, but not very yellow. There are several reasons for yellow urine: urine concentration is related to the amount of drinking water, and when there is more drinking water, urine is diluted; When there is less drinking water, the urine is concentrated, especially if there is no drinking water all night, the urine will be yellow the next day. Therefore, the color of urine is related to the amount of drinking water and the dilution degree of urine.

At the same time, dislike of drinking water is also an important cause of yellow urine, and eating more oranges may also lead to yellow urine. In addition, some patients may take some drugs, and the different ingredients they take may have different effects on urine color.

Liver disease may also be related to yellow urine. If the patient has jaundice or hepatitis, the blood bilirubin will increase and the urine may be yellow.

Therefore, there are various reasons for yellow urine in the second trimester. Pregnant women should check the physiological reasons of yellow urine in hospitals to avoid delaying their illness. Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, yellow urine does not mean that the body is in big trouble. I hope pregnant women don’t worry too much. As long as you go to the hospital for related examinations and get symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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