What is the disease of vulva fissure during pregnancy?

Vagina is a very fragile place. If improper care is taken, it is easy to cause infection, thus showing itching and redness. Therefore, attention should be paid to the hygiene of vulva to avoid causing various symptoms. Even women in pregnancy should not be careless. So, what is the disease of vulva fissure during pregnancy?

Vulvar fissure during pregnancy may be caused by mycotic vulvitis, mainly caused by bacterial infection or sexually transmitted diseases. There are many cases of vulvar fissure. If pregnant women want treatment, they should first find out the cause of fissure, and then do targeted treatment, so that the fissure can heal better.

In order to protect the health of vulva, pregnant women should clean the vagina every day. If necessary, they can use some lotion, which can play an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role and remove bacteria in the vagina. At this time, the secretion in the vagina increases. If the vagina is cleaned frequently, it can keep the vagina dry.

To control the sex life during pregnancy, it is only in the second trimester that we can have proper sex, but we should pay more attention to hygiene. If your partner has genital inflammation, it will be easily transmitted to pregnant women, leading to genital inflammation. It is best not to have sex under the condition of illness, so as to reduce the chance of infection. Pregnant women should eat a balanced diet, eat more vegetables and meat, and maintain the health of pudenda. After vaginitis, do not blindly use drugs, and it is best to follow the doctor’s arrangement.

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