What is the leg shape of valgus?

In life, many people will have valgus of their legs, and this leg shape will affect the overall beauty. Especially for some women who care about their legs, they will feel very troubled, and they will be embarrassed to wear short skirts in summer. So. What is the leg shape of valgus?

Normally, valgus is an X-shaped leg, and the formation of X-shaped leg may be inherited by nature or formed by bad habits. If the usual walking posture is incorrect, or you often like to cross your legs, and some incorrect sitting posture, etc., it will lead to X-shaped legs.

When the calf is everted, the leg shape should be corrected in time. Correcting the valgus of the lower leg can give children a correction band, and patients can fix the correction band on their legs every day, so that if they persist for a long time, the leg shape will gradually improve. You can also correct the leg shape by means of exercise, and the effect of correcting the leg shape will be obvious.

To correct the valgus of the lower leg, it is necessary to exercise every day, and the leg shape will be corrected slowly. In addition, patients with valgus calf should also pay attention to the fact that they should never cross their legs or sit on the ground in a kneeling position. Such behavior will lead to more and more serious climbing outside the calf, and the leg shape will become more and more curved, which is very unfavorable to the recovery of the leg shape.

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