What is the pain of two nipples?

Before and after menstruation or during pregnancy, girls will have nipple pain. If it is during menstruation or during pregnancy, it is normal, because some hormones in the body are affected, so there is no need to worry too much. However, if the nipple pain lasts for a long time, it may also be caused by pathological reasons. So what is the two nipple pains?

First, if you are in adolescence, it is most likely in the developmental stage. Therefore, if there is pain in the nipple, it may be because the breast is in a developing state, so it will gradually increase. Therefore, in the developmental stage, the nipple may have slight pain.

Second, during ovulation, nipple pain is quite normal, because some changes may have taken place in hormones at this time, which will lead to obvious feeling in some parts of the body, especially the breast, which may have obvious swelling and pain.

Third, it may be caused by hyperplasia of mammary glands. If the nipple pain is persistent, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination. If it is really caused by hyperplasia of mammary glands, it can also be treated in time.

Fourth, it may be that the underwear worn by women is not particularly consistent with their own reality. If the underwear is too tight and too narrow, it may choke on the breast and cause nipple pain.

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