What is the reason for children’s long leg hair?

Leg hair is a common hair on many people’s legs. Generally speaking, it is normal for men to have much more hair than women, and it is thicker and longer. However, there are a few babies whose hair is the same as that of men, and their legs are very long. So, what is the reason for children’s long legs?

It is not normal for children to have too much hair on their legs. Most children grow too much hair on their legs because they develop too early and eat too much food containing hormones. Children of this age often suffer from growing pains, especially in their lower limbs and thighs. However, this kind of physiological pain is only temporary, and it will generally get better after a period of time. No treatment is needed, and calcium can be added in time.

During puberty, a few children have too much hair on their legs, which may also be caused by endocrine abnormalities. Generally speaking, excessive male hormones can cause leg hair to become thicker, and the inducing factors include organic diseases such as heredity, diet, drugs, radiation, etc., which require detailed medical diagnosis to clarify the cause.

If you want to remove hair permanently, you can usually remove hair by laser, but the specific number and price of hair removal are determined according to your personal situation. Other hair removal methods are temporary, and new hair will grow soon, including depilators and depilatory cream.

Surgical hair removal can be used for permanent hair removal. If temporary hair removal is needed, professional hair removal devices can also be used, but avoid using razors as much as possible, otherwise the leg hair will grow out quickly and become thick and hard.

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