What is the reason for nausea after three months of pregnancy?

Before and after the 6th week of pregnancy, the reaction of pregnant women will be obvious. However, due to human differences, the degree of reaction is different. Most of them will have nausea and vomiting and breast pain, which are normal. After the body gradually adapts, it will improve a lot. So, what are the reasons for nausea after three months of pregnancy?

After three months of pregnancy, it will still cause nausea, which may be the cause of physical sensitivity. Pregnant women’s physical conditions are different, so pregnant women with different performances and physical sensitivity will slowly adapt to estrogen, so the nausea reaction will last for a long time.

Pregnant women still feel nauseous, which may be related to diet. If they are not properly adjusted in diet, such as anorexia or excessive gluttony, it will inevitably stimulate the stomach and intestines, thus causing nausea. If pregnant women are nervous, they are always worried about the fetus. Under the influence of nervous mood, pregnant women will inevitably have a bad rest, which will also lead to nausea and other discomfort, and is not conducive to the growth of the fetus.

Pregnant women don’t have too much pressure, they can learn some health knowledge, try to choose their favorite food, and don’t eat too much at a time, so as to get into the habit of eating less and eating more meals. In addition, they should drink plenty of water, and usually eat some dry food, such as soda biscuits, which can relieve the feeling of nausea.

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