What is the reason for repeated long silence on the face?

Although it is different from acne and acne, it is red and swollen, but if it is serious, it will be densely packed, which gives people a very unattractive feeling. When there is any flaw in one’s face, I believe every female friend wants to eliminate it as soon as possible. Then, what is the reason for the repeated long silence on her face?

1. Excessive use of essence: If the method of using essence is correct, it can play a role in repairing skin problems. Because essence contains high content of nutrient molecules, it can whiten skin and delay aging. Many people use a lot of essence in order to make their skin whiten instantly, but too much essence can’t be absorbed by the skin, and when the essence is blocked on the surface of the skin, there will be silence.

2. The texture of the lotion is too thick: although the lotion can moisturize and lock the skin, if the lotion chosen by female friends is too thick, it will also make the skin stuffy under the lotion for a long time, making the skin unable to reach a normal breathing state, and will gradually grow into a closed mouth.

3. Do not remove makeup after using sunscreen: Many women think that sunscreen is a kind of skin care product, so many people do not remove makeup after using sunscreen. In fact, sunscreen also contains many chemicals, and when makeup is not removed in time, there will be a lot of residues on the skin and pores will be blocked.

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