What is the reason for the formation of O-legs?

At ordinary times, we can see that some babies walk unsteadily, and when they stand there, their legs cannot be brought together, and an O-shape will be formed before the legs. This is what we call the O-shaped legs. The O-shaped legs have a great influence on babies, not only on their walking, but also on their body shape. For this reason, we want to know why there are O-legs. What are the reasons for the formation of O-legs?

The onset of O-leg may be a developmental factor. Because the baby lacks nutrition, such as calcium and phosphorus, it will affect the development disorder of bones and the dysplasia of baby’s joints, thus causing the onset of O-leg, which is also related to the imbalance of intramuscular mechanics, which will lead to the displacement of joints and easily lead to O-leg. In addition, trauma and other diseases are also easy to cause O-legs. The incidence of O-legs is also related to heredity.

O-legs are still very harmful, because there is a gap between the legs, which will affect the beauty of the legs. Moreover, O-legs give people the feeling that they are short. O-legs will also affect the balance of the body, resulting in unsightly walking.

O-legs can be corrected, for example, using plywood, leggings, exercising or correcting insoles, surgery and other methods. For the case of O-leg, it is best to treat it early, and the prognosis will recover well.

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