What is the reason for the long spots under the eyes?

Everyone attaches great importance to the health of facial skin, so they often use skin care products, especially female friends, who will definitely buy several skin care products. People’s faces are prone to grow spots, which may be caused by improper sun exposure and skin care. Some people have spots under their eyes. So, what is the reason for the long spots under the eyes?

1. Preference for heavy makeup: Cosmetics contain chemical components, and some cosmetics also contain metals. If you use cosmetics containing lead, mercury and other ingredients for a long time, and you prefer to wear heavy makeup, it is easy to grow spots. Heavy makeup will make the skin covered with cosmetics for a long time, which makes it impossible to breathe normally, and it is easy to breed spots.

2. Excessive whitening: Everyone wants the skin to be whiter, and some female friends will often get frosted and chemically peeled. Many people think that the more you do, the better. In fact, if you let the cutin fall off too frequently, it will increase the skin’s sensitivity to light, and it will also make the skin dry, which will easily lead to pigmentation, so the face will grow spots.

3. Improper cleaning: After feminization, makeup must be removed at night, and the skin should be thoroughly cleaned. Many women’s cleaning methods are incorrect, which makes cosmetics remain on their faces, which makes it easy to make facial spots grow. Therefore, we should thoroughly clean the skin and learn the correct methods.

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