What is the reason for the rapid heartbeat of a cold?

After a cold, some people will have obvious symptoms, such as runny nose, dizziness, cough and sneezing, which are all very common, but many people will have their heart beat faster after a cold, which makes some cold patients panic, for fear that their bodies will be affected by other factors besides a cold. So what causes the heart beat faster?

First, it may be related to body fever, because some people may have a certain change in body temperature after catching a cold, and there may be a slight increase in body temperature. At this time, the heart rate may increase, which is actually quite normal, so there is no need to worry too much.

Second, it may be caused by low blood volume in some patients. Some people may have low blood volume, so the reflex heart rate will increase after catching a cold, but this is not a particularly big problem. As long as proper rehydration is carried out, the heart rate will be relieved.

Third, when you catch a cold, if there are other complications, such as viral myocarditis, it may lead to heart failure, so the situation of rapid heartbeat is also obvious.

Therefore, even if the situation is not very serious when catching a cold, it should be treated in time and recovered early, which will not have much impact on the body.

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