What is the reason of high cholic acid during pregnancy?

Glycocholic acid is common in liver function examination, which is also an important index. If the value is on the high side, it may indicate abnormal liver function. For hepatitis B patients, glycocholic acid may be on the high side, but pregnant women will also have this phenomenon during examination, which will inevitably worry about the health of the fetus. So, what is the reason for the high glycocholic acid during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, glycocholic acid is on the high side, which may be due to physiological reasons. With the increase of pregnancy, progesterone level also increases. The liver has obstacles in bile excretion, and there may be cholestasis. However, the specific degree is different, which will lead to high glycocholic acid. If it is only slightly on the high side and is not accompanied by other symptoms, there is usually no serious harm.

If the high level of glycocholic acid is abnormal, it may induce liver and gallbladder diseases, and cholestasis may also occur, which will cause many hazards, such as amniotic fluid pollution, and the possibility of premature birth will increase. If the value increases a lot, these dangerous situations are more likely to occur.

For cholestasis, it is necessary to find it as soon as possible, and make a correct choice. If the pregnancy is less than 40 weeks, you can give birth in advance to reduce the fetal mortality rate. Pregnant women should regularly check the total bile acid. If there are abnormal conditions, measures can be taken to reduce the impact on themselves.

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