What is the reason of special yellow urine?

Urine is the urine discharged by the human body. Normal urine is pale yellow and transparent. Of course, there is no abnormal taste when urinating normally. Urination is very important for human health, and it is necessary to check urine during physical examination. Some people will find their urine particularly yellow, and they will be very worried. So, what is the reason why urine is particularly yellow?

Urine is particularly yellow, which depends on drinking water. In the hot season, people sweat more, and if they drink less water, the color of urine will turn yellow. This situation can be improved by drinking more water, so there is no need to pay special attention to it. However, attention should be paid to the frequent occurrence of yellow urine.

Excessive internal heat, urinary tract infection, etc. will cause the urine to be particularly yellow. The situation of getting angry is very improved. After all, getting angry is related to lifestyle. We can try to improve our eating habits, reduce the number of staying up late and working overtime, and eat less pungent food. If urine caused by urinary tract infection is particularly yellow, it needs treatment.

In addition, urethritis, prostatitis, and liver and kidney diseases may all cause abnormal urination, and the more common one is that the color of urine becomes darker. Especially for liver and kidney diseases, the appearance of urine color is still very common, which is closely related to the influence of liver function and the limitation of toxin excretion in patients.

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