What is the reason of thin endometrium during ovulation?

The uterus is an important place to give birth to the fetus, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether his condition is normal during pregnancy preparation or pregnancy stage. However, the thickness of endometrium plays an important role in fetus, whether it is too thick or too thin. However, during ovulation, women’s endometrium is usually thin, so what causes the thin endometrium?

The endometrial thinning during ovulation may be caused by hormonal changes in the body. Because there will be some changes in estrogen and progesterone in ovary during ovulation, it may affect the thickness of endometrium. In addition, repeated abortion or intrauterine operation will probably hurt the endometrium, thus making it thinner and thinner.

So what should I do if the endometrium is too thin?

First of all, the safer way is to go for treatment. Doctors usually prescribe drugs according to the actual situation of women. After some conditioning, the condition of endometrium will slowly recover.

In addition, it can be taken care of in daily life. For example, to keep the mood stable, try to avoid giving yourself too much mental pressure, and then do some exercise properly, which can also help to strengthen the physique and improve the immunity, and is also good for the uterus.

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