What is the standard of severe obesity?

Obesity is very harmful to the body, and it is easy to cause danger and diseases. Severe obesity is very serious. For the sake of health, we need to control our weight. If it exceeds the standard of poisoning obesity, we should pay attention to it. So what is the standard of severe obesity?

The standard weight of a woman needs to subtract 100 from her actual height, and then subtract the actual weight from the standard weight. If the difference between the two is divided by the standard weight, the overweight ratio is 20%-30%, then it belongs to mild obesity; if it is 30-50%, it belongs to moderate obesity; if it exceeds 50%, it belongs to severe obesity, which must be controlled.

Men’s weight can be calculated by replacing 100 with 105. Other calculation methods are the same, and the percentage is calculated according to the standard of women. Severe obesity must be paid attention to as early as possible, so as to avoid too much fat, difficulty in moving, and easy to affect various indicators, which is very dangerous.

Weight control requires conditioning in many ways. Usually, you need to take more exercise, eat some vegetables and fruits, don’t eat foods with high fat content, and don’t recommend eating too sweet foods. Usually, you need to reduce your food intake, especially for dinner. You should not eat too late or eat too much. Doing more exercise at ordinary times can consume fat, and you need to persevere. Only long-term adherence will have an effect.

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