What is the thickness of endometrium in early pregnancy?

Before getting pregnant, female friends need to have physical examination, such as ovary and uterus, etc., and all of them need B-ultrasound, so that they can know whether the reproductive system suffers from diseases. If women have too thin endometrium, they need timely treatment. So, what is the intima thickness in the first trimester?

Under normal circumstances, in the early period of female friends’ menstruation, the thickness of uterus is about one centimeter. Generally, the endometrium will gradually thicken after ovulation, which is to prepare for implantation of fertilized eggs. At the early stage of pregnancy, the female endometrium can reach 1.2 cm.

The thickness of female endometrium has a great influence on conception and pregnancy. If a woman’s endometrium is too thin, it will affect the implantation of fertilized eggs, thus reducing the probability of conception. Even if implantation is successful, too thin endometrium is not conducive to embryo growth, so spontaneous abortion is easy to occur.

If women’s endometrium is too thin, most of them are caused by abortion and curettage, so women should try not to have abortion. Pay attention to contraception in peacetime and choose contraceptive methods with high success rate, which can effectively reduce the possibility of unintended pregnancy. In addition, if it is really necessary to have abortion, care should be done after abortion, and regular visits to the hospital should be made. When preparing for pregnancy, you should have a uterine cavity examination.

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