What kind of person is suitable for hair transplant?

Hair is a very important tissue in our head, which can not only protect the head, but also play the role of plum blossom head. Many people have hair loss, such as obvious thinning or baldness. So many people choose hair transplant. So what kind of person is suitable for hair transplant?

There are two main ways to implant hair. One is to cut the permanent hair follicle strips on the back of the head and then implant them into the places where there is no hair one by one. This way, the pain is strong and there will be slight scars left after the operation.

Another way is follicular unit extraction, in which hair follicles are transplanted to hair loss areas through surgery. This operation is to extract and transplant hair follicles on the scalp surface, leaving no scars and no obvious pain.

Before choosing hair transplant, it is best to take some measures for treatment. If there are still areas without hair after treatment, it is best to take hair transplant to improve them.

Hair transplantation requires two conditions, and not all people are suitable for hair transplantation. First of all, there should be enough healthy hair follicles for hair transplantation, and then the area needed for hair transplantation should not be too large. The number of human hair is about 100,000, and it is best to plant no more than 3,000 hairs in areas with hair loss. It is difficult to plant hair in areas with too large hair loss.

At the same time, it should be understood that hair transplantation is not a once and for all thing, and careful care and maintenance are needed after hair transplantation. Only in this way can the implanted hair grow healthily. If it is not well cared for, the implanted hair may die, and the effect of hair transplantation will be greatly reduced.

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