What medicine does children’s anal eczema use?

Some parents found that children had eczema, and it was in the anus, and even the baby felt pain, which made the children feel very uncomfortable and cried every day. So, what medicine is good for children’s anal eczema?

The specific medication for children’s anal eczema depends on the situation. When perianal eczema has erythema and blisters in the acute stage, you can buy the solution and apply it locally to the affected area. If the scab is better, buy dermatitis flat ointment and apply it. In case of desquamation, skin thickening and skin mossy, you can choose to apply some suitable ointment. At this time, we must avoid eating irritating and allergic foods.

Learn more about the treatment of eczema and a basic rule of dermatitis. Avoid stimulating local affected areas, try to avoid scratching the affected areas to relieve itching, and do not use overheated water or soapy water to clean the affected areas. The most important thing is not to use irritant drugs to smear them. Pay special attention not to use hormone drugs indiscriminately. After smearing, it is easy to worsen or relapse the disease.

The etiology of eczema and dermatitis is complicated, which is related to various factors. Because there are some differences between individuals or different periods of the same individual. Therefore, the treatment methods will be different. At the same time, diet is very important. In daily life, we should also pay attention to bacteria and fungi such as dust and mites, so as to avoid all kinds of irritating substances.

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