What method to use to go under the eyes?

Female friends love beauty, and they paint makeup in front of the mirror for half an hour or even an hour every day. However, because women’s life rhythm is faster, the pressure is greater, and the time for normal rest is less, the probability of pouch will be more. So, what is the quickest and most direct way to get rid of pouch?

Big bags under the eyes mean swollen eyelids first. The reasons may be heredity, age, lack of sleep or pregnancy and other diseases. When women find the real cause, it will be easier to treat them symptomatically. If it is just the pouch caused by lack of sleep, it can be solved by several small methods.

The first small method: you can put the cucumber or apple you bought in the refrigerator and cool it a little. Then take out the cucumber and apple, cut them into small pieces, and apply them to the lower pouch. When you feel that all the water has been absorbed, you can take it off, which can effectively relieve the swelling of the lower eyelid.

Method 2: Cool the brewed tea and put it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, then take it out for later use. Find a cotton pad and put it on your eyelids after soaking, which can effectively reduce the puffiness of your eyes. It is effective in saving eye edema caused by staying up late. As long as you can get enough sleep, taking eye exercises before going to bed can also alleviate this symptom.

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