What milk do you drink to supplement collagen?

Many female friends who love beauty cannot maintain their skin without abundant collagen nutrition, so they will pay great attention to this nutrient supplement in their daily diet. Many beauty-loving women usually have the habit of drinking milk, but there are many kinds of milk, such as fresh milk, sour milk, etc. So, what milk do you drink to supplement collagen?

Collagen nutrition is abundant in hoof and palm foods. This kind of collagen and elastin can make cells energetic and plump, fill skin tissues, increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

However, there is very little collagen in milk, so no matter what kind of milk you drink, it can’t supplement collagen. Milk mainly contains calcium and is rich in nutrition, which can play the role of dietary supplement.

The food that contains more collagen in daily food is beef tendon. Pig’s trotters, chicken feet, chicken wings, fish skin, chicken skin, duck’s paw, sheep’s trotters, etc. These foods are rich in collagen, especially the collagen contained in fish skin is the best, and its composition and structure are close to the collagen of human body, so it is easy to be absorbed and utilized by body tissues. Therefore, we can focus on eating more fish and fish skin foods and better supplement collagen.

In addition, in order to maintain skin and reduce wrinkles, skin cleaning and nursing should be done well, especially not staying up late. Adequate sleep has an obvious effect on reducing wrinkles.

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