What reason often coughs at night?

Some people have poor resistance and often catch a cold, which is accompanied by cough. Severe cough can affect normal life and diet, and sometimes severe cough at night can affect sleep. Serious cough must be treated in time to avoid other hazards. So what’s the reason for coughing at night?

There are many types of cough. When you catch a cold, you always cough at night, which is caused by respiratory tract infection. Cough after virus infection may last for ten days and a half months. If you catch a cold in time, it will still be accompanied by cough symptoms, especially at night.

If the cough is always dry, but there is no sputum or fever in the throat, it may be caused by allergy. Allergic cough often occurs at night, and dry cough is serious, so avoid allergens. The total cough at night may also be caused by pharyngolaryngitis, and the respiratory mucosa will be stimulated after suffering from inflammation, thus causing cough. When cough is serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for detailed examination, and find out the reasons for symptomatic treatment.

If you cough frequently, it will affect your health, so you should treat it in time. Remember to drink more warm water or eat more fruits at ordinary times. After adding enough water, cough symptoms will gradually ease. You can also eat more pears or boil pear water at ordinary times, which has a certain effect on relieving cough.

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