What should I do after picosecond foaming?

Nowadays, many women who love beauty, as well as some women with spots on their faces, will go to beauty salons for picosecond beauty treatment, and others will use picosecond laser to achieve the effect of freckle removal. Picosecond can help women’s skin regain firmness, and it is an advanced and safe way of beauty and skin care. So, what should I do after picosecond blistering?

After finishing picoseconds, the patient’s skin appears blistering, which may be caused by local inflammatory reaction or skin allergy. Sometimes, the skin will be traumatized during picoseconds, resulting in blisters. After these blisters appear, patients need to take timely and patient care of the affected area, and they can use disinfectant to apply cold compress to eliminate local redness and swelling, and also use some antibacterial drugs to prevent infection.

During this period, patients should be careful not to easily pick out blisters. If the blisters are not large, you can leave them untreated for a while and wait for the blisters to be absorbed slowly. However, if the blisters are relatively large and accompanied by symptoms of redness and itching, the patients can be treated with drugs for external use, and the affected parts must be disinfected. If necessary, gauze can be used to protect local skin.

If the patient is not at ease, he can consult a doctor immediately after the symptoms of blisters appear on his skin, and choose a suitable way to treat them, which can be relieved with drug treatment. However, patients should pay attention not to touch the blisters with the receiver as far as possible, so as to avoid the blisters from breaking and causing infection.

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